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8 09, 2015

Thank You Class of 2015


skateboarderMBTI personality assessment for college-bound students has been a great tool to find college majors for students. As the school year starts Chip and I are so grateful for the opportunity we’ve had to work with a diverse group of young men and women who are entering college for the first time this fall 2015. We remember the process by which students grew in confidence and strength, and began to realize the true depth of their own potential. Through the use of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and many conversations […]

27 07, 2015

The Nursing Major


Are you interested in nursing? There are two avenues to gaining admission to nursing programs: direct entry immediately upon graduating from high school and entry after two years of college. Direct admission to a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing or BSN is super competitive these days. The colleges that take high school graduates directly into this major require higher grade point average and standardized test scores than for general admission to Arts & Sciences.

So it is helpful for students to think through and decide whether or not they are completely sure of wanting to major in nursing or should instead apply […]