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31 03, 2016

The SAT: King of College Selection Criteria?


A plus grade in the notebook

IN today’s WSJ Opinion section, the writers tried to convince readers that due to rampant grade inflation at the high school level, using the SAT is an absolute requirement (the only one left?) for selection of aspiring college applicants. They try to make a case by pulling random data and quotes to justify the precipitous decline in a student’s college preparedness attributing it to a massive inflation of the academic GPA. The writers conclusion seems to advocate or even insist that admissions officers must rely mainly on standardized test results to […]

15 01, 2016

The New SAT: What did we do to deserve this?




The new SAT will soon become the standard bearer for the College Board’s standardized test. It faced an enormous amount of criticism when it first surfaced in sample form last year and the CB spokespeople had a difficult time explaining their reasoning and why the drastic change was being implemented.

A couple of answers to this appeared to make a lot of sense: the old SAT had some biases, it was not based on current educational standards and higher predictive outcomes were seen as favoring the “haves” while disenfranchising the […]