Our College Planning Services Packages

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Our most popular package is the Comprehensive EduAve, and most of our students choose and benefit from this comprehensive placement service. Each segment is designed to build upon the previous. However, EduAve also offers the option of choosing among the individual formatted sessions below. Feel free to call Chip or Claire at 843-278-1271 to discuss.

EduAve College List: identifies the variables that will drive your college search. This includes the MBTI® Personality Preferences assessment with a two-hour validation and discussion of your preferences with a trained MBTI® Certified Practitioner. The STRONG® Interest for career direction may be used as well. Your college list will be based on these assessments.

Financial Aid Advice: College costs are much like airplane tickets—no one pays the same price. Colleges give sweeter awards to students they want. Thus students and parents need to know which doors to knock on. EduAve also help you with financial fit. In the case of divorce or skewed assets or unusual situations, Claire can modify a college list in order to make sure your student applies to financially-safe colleges too. This saves the student from applying to colleges out of wishful thinking or not applying at all to, for example, a high-cost college that might have discounted or treated this student preferentially.

EduAve College Applications

Step-by-step advice on how to  visit, interview and send the best possible applications, essays, personal statements, resumes and recommendations to the colleges. Special assistance with interview coaching for college scholarship  or honors college competitions.

Career Planning: By conducting a series of detailed interviews, establishing immediate and long term goals and objectives as well as conducting professional MBTI® and Strong Interest Inventory® verifications an actionable career plan is developed. Appropriate for college seniors, recent graduates as well as young adults or those of any age seeking a career change.

Comprehensive EduAve EduAve
College List
Aid Advice
College Application
Family Expectations
80 Questions
Indepth Interview
Academic Review
Strong Interest Inventory
Major Selection
Career Planning
Value Sort
Online Portal
College List
College Visit
List Refinement
College Application
College Interview
Special Applications
Financial Aid
Final Decision