Financial Aid

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Claire Law helps families identify colleges that fit your student’s needs and are affordable. Her financial aid credentials include:

  • Online instructor of college financial aid at the University of California-Irvine Extension (Independent Educational Consultant Certificate Program)
  • Counselor for ten years in college admission and financial aid
  • Loan representative for a SallieMae Education Lender under FFEL Program

What You May Not Know About College Financial Aid…

Your student’s admissions profile is a major variable in the financial aid package your family will receive, especially at colleges that award merit aid or a combination of both.

Claire directs your student to the right colleges that fit his/her academic and personal needs.

Admission to the right college can save your family thousands!

This will increase the likelihood that your student will experience success in college, graduate on time and save costs incurred due to changing majors, transferring and dropping out.

Knowing what is expected of you will give you the best possible chance to maximize your financial aid from government, state and college sources.

That is why Claire is your ongoing personal contact to guide you through the financial aid process at colleges that fit your student’s educational needs and fit your budget.

Tuition costs are like airline tickets. Not everyone pays the same price. It’s important therefore to figure out how families are assessed under the Federal and Institutional methodologies.

Unfortunately, many parents don’t know what they will pay until it’s too late to explore other college options. Claire will help you choose appropriate colleges that also are good value for the money.

If colleges expect your family to come up with a certain amount of money (Expected Family Contribution + Gap) you need to know your Affordable Family Contribution (AFC).

Claire helps you to examine your options not through rose-colored glasses but in a realistic way, so that you will be prepared to keep your student in college for all four years.

Financial aid awards are part of the marketing communications of colleges.

It’s not easy to decipher financial aid award letters and compare one to another objectively. Most students don’t correctly calculate what their debt burden will be upon graduation. With Claire’s guidance you will know each cost/value proposition that each college offers you so you can take the most advantageous path for you.