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skateboarderMBTI personality assessment for college-bound students has been a great tool to find college majors for students. As the school year starts Chip and I are so grateful for the opportunity we’ve had to work with a diverse group of young men and women who are entering college for the first time this fall 2015. We remember the process by which students grew in confidence and strength, and began to realize the true depth of their own potential. Through the use of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and many conversations with us, students learned about their personality strengths and blind spots too! We saw our students change through this Educational Avenues program, buckle down and pull up their grades, and develop greater confidence in and outside the classroom.

They were able to translate their personality strengths to college majors and careers that will allow them to express their MBTI personality preferences. One student who just arrived to college analyzed her roommate’s personality, and discovered they are well matched! College success can come down to getting along with your roommate. Our students know how they prefer to study, spend their day, and engage in college activities. They become more flexible with roommates different than themselves. Preparing for the college experience in junior year of high school or earlier provides space and time for reflection and the development of greater self-awareness, which fosters long-term personal strength. We welcome you anytime to contact us by phone or email if we may provide you with additional information or answer any questions about the Educational Avenues college advising program.

Yours for college success,

Chip & Claire Law


About the Author:

Claire Law
Claire is an IECA Professional Member and a Certified Educational Planner (AICEP) located in Charleston, South Carolina.